The Cape Town Holocaust Centre, the first Holocaust Centre in Africa, opened in 1999. The Centre houses a permanent exhibition, and conducts educational programmes for schools, educators and diverse adult groups.

The Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition on the history of the Holocaust, combines text, archival photographs and film footage, documents, multimedia displays and recreated environments.

The display also includes sections on the pseudo-science of ‘race’, the roots of antisemitism, and the institutionalised racism of Apartheid.

A photographic display and 20 minute documentary tells the story of the survivors of the Holocaust who made their home in Cape Town.

The Centre has been acclaimed by visitors as being, “comparable with the finest Holocaust museums elsewhere, brilliantly and movingly put together… a sobering reminder of the disastrous consequences of prejudice, racism and discrimination.”

The Educational Programmes

The Centre offers education programmes to high school learners, educators and diverse adult groups. Programmes examine contemporary Human Rights issues, such as racism and prejudice, by examining the history of the Holocaust. Related to this is the connection that exists between Nazism and the racism of Apartheid.

More information about the Cape Town Holocaust Centre can be found here.