Resource Center and Archive

Use Our Resource Center

Our growing Resource Centre is home to an extensive collection of books, journals, and other publications related to the Holocaust and other genocides. It also contains numerous DVDs, as well as a collection of testimonies from survivors of the Holocaust and the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. We have computers, guest WiFi and other facilities available on-site for people to come and conduct research, or simply to read and reflect.

Thanks to the support of the public and the hard work of volunteers, the JHGC opened a lending library in 2021. JHGC members and volunteers are able to borrow select books for a month at a time.

We gratefully welcome donations of relevant books and other items to add to our collection. Please note that our focus is primarily related to 20th century genocide and related themes such as human rights. We do not collect books solely related to Jewish religion and culture unless they are of historical value, in which case they will be considered for the archive.

If you would like to enquire about a specific title or book a time in the Resource Centre please contact or call the office on +27-11-640-3100.

Please contact Jordan Saltzman on or +27-11-640-3100

The JHGC Archive

TheĀ  JHGCĀ archiveĀ was formally established in 2020, with thanks to generous funding from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. We collect tangible and intangible objects that relate to Holocaust and Genocide. Thanks to new donations of family collections, unique individual items, and testimonies, ourĀ archiveĀ continues to grow. We gratefully welcome donations of any objects or stories relating to the Holocaust, or any other genocides, especially those with connections to South Africa.

The JHGCĀ archives and catalogues the objects in our collection, with the assistance of volunteers. Many of our artefacts are constantly added to the digital platform and can be seen onĀ e-Hive, including many of those on display in our permanent exhibition. Please continue to E-Hive to see our growing collection.

We also explore the collectionā€™s artefacts and stories in our popularĀ ArchiveFriday series on social media, which can be viewedĀ here.

Please contact Jordan Saltzman onĀĀ regarding donations to theĀ archiveĀ and further information about ourĀ archiveĀ projects

Please note that we only accept objects and testimonies related to the Holocaust and genocide. We do not collect objects related to Jewish life that have no connection to the Holocaust.